Friday, January 22, 2010

A Change In View, Offshore Wind Farm Proposed for Lake Michigan

There has been a proposal to construct an off shore wind turbine along the west coast of Michigan. Scandia Wind Offshore, LLC wants to build 100 to 200 wind turbines along the coast of Lake Michigan. The proposed site would be a 100-square-mile area of Lake Michigan between Ludington and Pentwater. The turbines would be located about one and a half to two miles off shore. These turbines would stand 300 feet tall. The project needs additional study and numerous state and federal permits before it would receive the green light.

Offshore wind farms should be located in areas where winds blow continuously at high speeds and new research is able to identify the areas where these winds are located. The site in Michigan was one of the best in the United States because of wind and sea conditions, water depths and the connection to the electrical grid at the Ludington pump storage facility.

So much is invested in Michigan to save the shoreline, protect Lake Michigan, keeping the invasive carp out of our waters and to keep the quality of Michigan's natural resources protected. Michigan has 400 miles of coastlines which draws in many tourist. Michigan's boating, fishing and tourism is a 7 billion dollar industry and the proposed site is mainly tourist towns.

There are so many concerns about this proposed project; What effect it will construction of the turbines have on the lake? Will it help the struggling Michigan economy and is so for how long? How will the Michigan winters effect the turbines? Will the communities benefit from the wind farm? What are your thoughts and opinions on putting an offshore wind farm in Lake Michigan?

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