Friday, February 19, 2010

Ottawa County Ranked Second in Michigan

The University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation developed a new ranking of nearly every county in the nation shows significant disparities in the overall health of residents. The data used was on premature deaths, self-reports about health and factors such as smoking rates, obesity, teen births, the percentage of children in poverty and number of liquor stores vs. grocery stores to rank more than 3,000 counties nationwide against others in their state.

The counties are ranked according to the measure of health outcomes and health factors. Health factors in the County Health Rankings represent what influences the health of a county. We measure four types of health factors: health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic, and physical environment factors. In turn, each of these factors is based on several measures. Health outcomes are based on equal weighing or mortality and morbidity measures.

Top 10 Michigan Counties
Rank Health Outcomes
1 Livingston
2 Ottawa
3 Leelanau
4 Alger
5 Clinton
6 Emmet
7 Washtenaw
8 Grand Traverse
9 Marquette
10 Houghton

Rank Health Factors
1 Washtenaw
2 Livingston
3 Ottawa
4 Oakland
5 Clinton
6 Marquette
7 Grand Traverse
8 Leelanau
9 Midland
10 Dickinson

County Health Rankings

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