Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Lakes Housing Market for 2010

The Great Lakes region is leading the U.S. out of the housing downturn as lower home prices trigger an increase in buyers with government incentives. The shake-up in Housing Predictor's best 25 housing markets for 2010 leaps Detroit, Michigan one of the worst impacted markets in the nation to the #1 position. Detroit is now forecast to experience double-digit appreciation in home prices for the year.

The Best 25 markets for 2010 are taken from housing markets forecast by Housing Predictor in all 50 states and are updated as conditions demand over the course of the entire year.

Best 25 Housing Markets 2010 Update

Rank Real Estate Market Forecast
1. Detroit, MI 21.5%
2. Cleveland, OH 17.8%
3. Cincinnati, OH 12.7%
4. Columbus, OH 10.3%
5. Grand Rapids, MI 8.4%
6. Lafayette, LA 6.8%
7. Marquette, MI 6.4%
8. Des Moines, IA 5.7%
9. Baton Rouge, LA 5.5%
10. Arlington, VA 4.8%

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