Friday, July 9, 2010

Davey Ramsey: Finding a For-Real Realtor

Question: Dan and his wife want to sell their home. What are the criteria by which they should choose a realtor? Dave thinks this is a great question.

Dave Ramsey's advice: I'm always looking for high-octane, high-protein realtors. About 80% of the sales are made by 20% of the people. You don't want one of the other 80% to do the work here; you want a stud. This is your largest asset, and we're in tough times, so only the studs can sell. They won't fool around and list your property for too much, and they won't under price it and make you mad. They get stuff done.

When you interview them, ask how many houses they sold last year. If they sold four, get them out of your house. If they sold 44 houses, that's a different story.

Ask them what you need to do to get this house sold. If they can't give you good pointers and tell you what you need to fix in a diplomatic way, you don't need them.

Find out how much property they've moved in your area and within a 5-mile radius. If all the houses they've sold are on the other side of town, that worries me. Don't hire your aunt Sally or some guy you sit next to in church. Interview them and rake them over the coals. If they don't show up on time for the appointment with you, they will do the same when showing the house. Get someone who will return your phone calls.

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For more information on selling your home form a for real realtor contact the Andrea Crossman Group.

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