Friday, September 24, 2010

Coldwell Bankers Most Affordable and Most Expensive Cities in US and Canada

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC today released its Home Listing Report (HLR), a snapshot survey of four-bedroom, two-bathroom home listings in Canada and the U.S. Reporting on a home size many homebuyers would aspire to own - the HLR found a $1.7 million difference between North America's most expensive and most affordable housing markets.

Rank--Most Expensive -------Avg. Listing Price for Feb. - Aug. 2010 In U.S. $

1.---Newport Beach, Calif.--------$1,826,348
2.---Palo Alto, Calif.------------$1,479,227
3.---Rye, N.Y.--------------------$1,325,500
4.---San Francisco, Calif.--------$1,325,103
5.---Vancouver, BC----------------$1,289,179
6.---La Jolla, Calif.-------------$1,210,300
7.---Greenwich, Conn.-------------$1,195,614
8.---Wellesley, Mass.-------------$1,080,458
9.---Pasadena, Calif.-------------$1,043,683
10.--Honolulu, Hawaii-------------$1,026,821

Rank--Most Affordable------- Avg. Listing Price for Feb. - Aug. 2010 In U.S. $

1.---Detroit, Mich.-------------- $68,007
2.---Grayling, Mich.------------- $84,625
3.---Sioux City, Iowa-------------$85,967
4.---Cleveland, Ohio------------- $87,240
5.---Muncie, Ind.---------------- $100,314
6.---Norfolk, Neb.--------------- $107,814
7.---Kansas City, Mo.------------ $112,449
8.---Canton, Ohio---------------- $114,325
9.---Port Huron, Mich.----------- $116,267
10.--Topeka, Kan.---------------- $116,343

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