Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Michigan Economic Development Corp. President and CEO Michael A. Finney will showcase Pure Michigan to some of the nation’s top site selectors March 28-29 in New York City at The Summit hosted by Development Counselors International.
“Michigan offers business advantages and opportunities unmatched across America,” said Finney. “We have an exciting story to tell. We are reinventing our state in a way that works better for everyone and moving forward with a new economic certainty this is very attractive to investors and businesses making new location and investment decisions.”

In addition, a Michigan location offers companies a direct line to some of the best talent in the world and a location within 500 miles of half of North America’s population and income.

The nation is taking notice of all that’s happened here of late. Confidence that Michigan is on the right track helped to create 80,000 private-sector jobs in the state last year. Newsweek ranked the state No. 1 for job growth in August, Bloomberg ranked Michigan’s economic health second in the nation and CNN called Detroit the next Silicon Valley. The Federal Reserve projects that Michigan is on track to lead all other states in job growth over the next six months.
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