Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Timberline Acres Sales Statistics

Timberline acres is a wonderful place to buy a home--with beautifully manicured landscaping, spectacular well built homes, and a fantastic North side location, it's no wonder families gravitate to this Holland neighborhood. There was a time, however, when sales were tough in Timberline Acres, and it wasn't unusual to see 15 homes on the market. Times have changed a bit as our economy has stabilized, and homes in Timberline are once again a hot commodity; but the low inventory in recent months has slowed the sales pace the neighborhood is capable of achieving. Click on link to see Timberline Acres Active Listings In 2012 there were 9 homes sold in Timberline Acres East at an average sale price of $301,067, took an average of 236 days to sell, at an average price per square foot of $120.38. In 2013 there were only 5 homes sold in the neighborhood (a 45% decrease) at an average sale price of $327,800 (a 9% increase), took 80 days of marketing to sell (a 66% decrease), and average price per square foot was $131.54 for the sold homes. Currently there are only 3 homes listed in Timberline Acres East; and 3 in Timberline Acres West, all of which are new construction. As nicer weather approaches and buyers start house hunting again, inventory will be an issue unless we see more homes come on the market.